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Learn the most famous compositions in history


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Musicnotes Suite is a very useful tool for users who want to learn to play some of the greatest songs in music history, whether on piano, guitar, woodwinds, or any other instrument played with the sheet music found in this application.

The tool simulates a teacher who will slowly guide you through the song, so you don't miss anything and learn to play it accurately.

It displays each note, and you can play the audio to hear out exactly which chord or note to strike. You can also adjust the tempo and view at a glance all the steps for each of the instruments that form the melody.

Finally, with Musicnotes you can add any song you want to the program, on top of those found in the initial package. You just have to download them from the software website.

Learn all the best pieces from the world's most famous composers in a truly simple way with Musicnotes Suite.
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